Luisa Zintgraf

PhD Student
University of Oxford

Hi everyone! I'm Luisa, and am currently doing a PhD at the University of Oxford under the Microsoft Research Scholarship. My supervisors are Shimon Whiteson and Katja Hofmann, and my main research focus is Meta Reinforcement Learning.

Previously I worked at the University of Brussels under supervision of Diederik Roijers and Ann Nowé. My main focus there was user modelling and preference elicitation, in the context of multi-objective decision making.

I did my Bachelor degree in Mathematics at the University of Hamburg, and a Master degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. For my master thesis I worked with Taco Cohen and Max Welling on visualising how neural networks make decisions.


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Selected Publications

VariBAD: A Very Good Method for Bayes-Adaptive Deep RL via Meta-Learning. Luisa Zintgraf, Kyriacos Shiarlis, Maximilian Igl, Sebastian Schulze, Yarin Gal, Katja Hofmann, Shimon Whiteson. ICLR 2020. | paper | code |

Fast Context Adaptation via Meta-Learning. Luisa Zintgraf, Kyriacos Shiarlis, Vitaly Kurin, Katja Hofmann, Shimon Whiteson. ICML 2019. | paper | code | blog |

Ordered Preference Elicitation Strategies for Supporting Multi-Objective Decision Making. Luisa Zintgraf, Diederik Roijers, Sjoerd Linders, Catholijn Jonker, Ann Nowé. AAMAS 2018. | paper | code |

Deep Variational Reinforcement Learning for POMDPs. Maximilian Igl, Luisa Zintgraf, Tuan Anh Le, Frank Wood, Shimon Whiteson. ICML 2018. | paper | code |

Interactive Thompson Sampling for Multi-Objective Multi-Armed Bandits. Diederik Roijers, Luisa Zintgraf, Ann Nowé. ADT 2017. | paper |

Interpretation of Microbiota-Based Diagnostics by Explaining Individual Classifier Decisions. Anat Eck, Luisa Zintgraf, Evelien de Groot, Tim de Meij, Taco Cohen, Paul Savelkoul, Max Welling, AE Budding. BMC bioinformatics 18. | paper |

Visualizing Deep Neural Network Decisions: Prediction Difference Analysis. Luisa Zintgraf, Taco Cohen, Tameem Adel, Max Welling. ICLR 2017. | paper | code |

For a full list, see my Google scholar profile.